Before & After Photos

You can read all about Finish Pro’s amazing kitchen and bathroom refinishing and reglazing services in Los Angeles County and Southern California, or read our reviews from satisfied customers, but the proof is in the pudding! Take a look at the many before and after photos in this gallery, and you’ll get a better idea of what we do and the amazing results we achieve with our refinishing services.

These photos show how we can take a horribly stained, cracked bathtub and repair and restore it to a like new condition. Or how we can change the color of outdated sinks, bathroom counters and bathtubs.

You’ll also see our work with kitchen refinishing: Our countertop refinishing and sink reglazing make your kitchen sparkle like new, with a long-lasting new finish that is durable as it is beautiful. We can cover unsightly tiles to create a modern, stylish backsplash. It’s like renovating your kitchen, but at a fraction of the cost.

View our before and after photos on this page and get inspired. (Just think about how much you’ve always wanted to update that dark bathroom vanity sink with the 70s-style gold swirls!) Then contact Finish Pro to get a free estimate on any of our many kitchen and bathroom refinishing and reglazing services.


Bathtub Before Repair, Refinishing and ReglazingBathtub after Refinishing and reglazing
Bathtub Refinishing/Reglazing BEFOREBathtub Refinishing/Reglazing AFTER
Kitchen Tiled Counter top refinished, texturedTile Kitchen Counter Top Resurfaced and Refinished
Kitchen Countertop Refinishing BEFOREKitchen Countertop Refinishing AFTER
Kitchen Sink Before Reglazing /Refinishing and repairingKitchen Sink - After Reglazing, Refinishing
Kitchen Sink Reglazing/Refinishing BEFOREKitchen Sink Reglazing/Refinishing AFTER
Brown Jacuzzi Spa Tub Before Refinishing, RepairingBrown Jacuzzi Spa Tub After Refinishing and Coloring
Spa Tub Refinishing & Color Change BEFORESpa Tub Refinishing & Color Change AFTER
Brown Sink Before Repairing and Reglazing in Los Angeles countyBrown Sink after Repairing and reglazing in Los Angeles County
Bathroom Sink Reglazing/Refinishing BEFOREBathroom Sink Reglazing/Refinishing AFTER
Kitchen Counter Top Before RefinishingKitchen Counter Top After Refinishing
Kitchen Countertop Reglazing/Refinishing BEFOREKitchen Countertop Reglazing/Refinishing AFTER
Kitchen Counter Top Before RefinishingKitchen Tile Counter Top Refinished (1)
Tiled Kitchen Countertop Refinishing BEFORETiled Kitchen Countertop Refinishing AFTER

Here are a few more “After” photos

 After Photo of Sink, Vanity counter top and bathtub refinishingVanity, Countertop and Sink Reglazed
Bathtub and Shower Surround Refinishing Counter Top, Bathtub, Shower Refinishing 202
Kitchen Counter Top After RefinishingBathroom Vanity and Sink Counter Top Refinished