Vanity and Sink Refinishing

Got a bathroom vanity or sink that could use a serious update to bring it forward in time by a decade or two (or three)? Finish Pro offers vanity and sink refinishing in Los Angeles County and Southern California that can make a major difference in the style of your bathroom, at a much lower price than replacing your sinks.

Finish Pro’s refinishing for cultured marble sinks or vanities can change them from outdated colors, repair cracks and scratches, and can even remove swirls. You’ll enjoy a new-looking sink or vanity that complements the decor of your bathroom and makes it look much more current.

We also work with tile, as well as drop-in bathroom vanity sinks. The process is pretty quick and painless, too: Finish Pro can usually finish your sink or vanity refinishing the same day we start.

So if you’re tired of looking at an old, scratched, cracked, or just plain outmoded bathroom sink or vanity, why not let Finish Pro give your bathroom a new look? Get a free estimate from us today!