Fiberglass Repairs

Fiberglass is a great material for bathtubs and shower enclosures because it is so lightweight and durable, and comes in different colors and textures. However, over years of use, fiberglass can develop certain problems: It may get scratches, the surface may become worn and dull in spots, or it may develop stress cracks or leaks. Then you’re faced with what to do about your old fiberglass bathtub or shower stall!

Fortunately, Finish Pro is here to help. We offer fiberglass repairs in Los Angeles County and Southern California, so you don’t need to go through the time and expense of replacing your fiberglass tub, shower pan or shower enclosure.

We can clean your fiberglass tub or shower, strip a previous defective coating from fiberglass surfaces, create a handicap-access cutout in the side of fiberglass bathtubs, and more. If you have any kind of fiberglass repair needs, let us know and we’ll provide you with a quote. Best of all, we work quickly and often finish the job the same day.

Replacing a fiberglass bathtub or shower stall can be very difficult, especially if they are built into the structural framework of the wall. Get a free estimate from Finish Pro today on fiberglass repairs or on any of our many other refinishing and reglazing services.