Bathtub Refinishing

You may have priced out a new bathtub and found that they are surprisingly cheap. However, the base price of that new tub doesn’t include the cost of demolition, removing your old tub or hiring a plumber. Plus, you could be without the full use of your bathroom for several days.

Refinishing your bathtub is a much better solution, and can be done quickly, easily and at a fraction of the price of completely replacing your old bathtub. Finish Pro offers bathtub refinishing and reglazing in Los Angeles County and Southern California, and a lot of the time, the work can be completed the same day we start.

We work with both porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs, and we offer chemical cleaning for tubs that are permanently stained. When we resurface a bathtub, we can also add a non-skid surface to make bathtime safer for your family. You’ll be impressed with your bathtub’s new look, as well as with the relative cost and convenience of refinishing your bathtub as compared to replacing it!

Get a free estimate from us today on refinishing or reglazing your bathtub, or any of our other bathroom and kitchen refinishing services. You can also read our FAQs to learn more about the process!