Non-skid Floor Surfacing

Bathroom safety is important, especially if you have small children or older people in your family. Bathtubs and shower stalls frequently have slippery surfaces, and many bathrooms also have slick tile floors that can be very dangerous when wet. Finish Pro offers non-skid floor surfacing for our customers in Los Angeles County and Southern California.

Sure, you could address the problem yourself with cheap non-slip appliques in the bottom of your bathtub or shower, buy a rubber mat, or try some other do-it-yourself solution. But appliques can collect mold and mildew and soon become unsightly, and rubber bath mats with suction cups can eventually cause permanent marks on tiles or tub surfaces.

Let Finish Pro help with non-slip surfacing for your bathroom floor as well as your bathtub or shower enclosure. We can make your bathroom surfaces less slippery without sacrificing style!

Why not let Finish Pro give your bathroom a new look and make it safer at the same time? Get a free estimate from us today on non-skid floor surfacing!