Refinishing Care & Maintenance

Please Read Carefully

Congratulations on the purchase of your Restored Surface! You have selected the most durable refinishing system available today. The following instructions have been compiled so that you may have years of enjoyable use and trouble-free maintenance. Please DO NOT use the surface for 24 hours (at room temperature) and towel dry for 72 hours immediately following refinishing. Although the refinished surface can be put back into full use, the surface will actually require up to 30 days to completely cure, so please observe the following:

General Cleaning Instructions

For normal everyday cleaning, we suggest the use of mild soap and water with a soft wash cloth. Do not use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners as they will dull the surface. Should you wish to use a product not listed below, test on small area in a corner before applying to the entire surface. Always review individual cleaner’s instructions. Always rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Note: All newly refinished surfaces will have some surface dust which will have settled into the new surface. Do not be alarmed; because the surface is still within its long-term cure period, normal use and regular cleaning will remove all minor surface dust marks.

Recommended Cleaners:

Diluted Dawn Dish Washing Liquid

Formula 409

Glass Plus

Scrub Free Non Abrasive

Diluted Pine Sol

Simple Green

Mr. Clean

Bon Ami

Diluted Spic & Span

Dish Washing Soaps (Dawn, Joy, Ivory)

Note: There is no need to use abrasive cleaners, as they will dull the gloss over a period of years. In extreme cases where the recommended cleaners do not work, use mild abrasive cleaners such as Soft Scrub or Liquid Comet.

Do Not use:

Dow Disinfected Cleaners

Steel Wool / Wire Brushes

Scrub Free with Abrasive

Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner

Aerosol Cleaners Tough Act

Bathroom Duck

Ammonia/cleaners containing ammonia

Fingernail Polish Remover


Mats with suction cups and adhesives

Harsh Abrasives


Note: Use of these chemicals will cause a dull surface and/or an easily recognizable chemical crack. This will void your product warranty.

Drain cleaners

Caution: Liquid drain cleaners are recommended over powders and/or crystal. However, when using liquid drain cleaning agents bail the standing water out of the bathtub and remove the drain luge. Use a funnel to prevent spills and apply the chemicals directly down the drain. Always make sure that chemicals do not come in contact with the new surface. Use drain cleaners sparingly so that they do not boil out and attack the new surface.

Additional Notes of Importance:

1. When using a wax clean to restore a refinished surface that has been poorly maintained, wax will generally leave a slick surface. We do not recommend using wax on refinished surfaces.

2. Do not lay soap, bottles or any other objects on the finished surface.

3. Be sure that your faucets are dry and not dripping after using the fixture.

4. Do not drop sharp or heavy objects on the refinished surface, which may cause chipping. If this does occur, contact Finish Pro immediately (in most cases, Finish Pro can complete minor repairs for a nominal service charge).

5. Faucets must be properly maintained by the owner and user to protect the new surface. Leaky faucets will erode the new finish, causing it to crack and wear out prematurely. Do not allow water to remain on the refinished surface for extended periods of time.

6. Destruction of the finish may occur through improper use of acid-bearing compounds, such as drain openers or tile grout cleaners. All chemicals must be kept away from the finish. These chemicals include, but are not limited to, cosmetics, hair dyes, and perfumes, which may stain or otherwise mar the finish. Introduction of any of these chemicals onto finish would be considered neglect and void the warranty.

7. Do not use a rubber bath mat. Most mats will produce a reaction with the new surface when subjected to hot water. Finish Pro carries slip-resistant mats and surfaces which will give years of trouble-fee service. Ask Finish Pro for details.

8. Do not place hot pots or pans directly on kitchen counter surface and do not cut on kitchen counters. Either will void warranty.

Should you have any questions, please contact Finish Pro at:


Office: (855) 463-7360

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