Countertop Refinishing

Have you been wishing for a kitchen renovation, but lack the money or time to do it right? There’s another option: Countertop refinishing from Finish Pro.

Refinishing your countertops is a great alternative to replacing them. We can refinish Formica countertops with a durable new finish that bonds well and lasts for years. And if you have a tiled backsplash that’s hopelessly stuck in another decade, we can refinish that too! We can refinish those tiles to make them look like an updated backsplash that cost much more. (But we won’t tell.)

Because our countertop refinishing produces a surface that isn’t just stylish, but also durable and long-lasting, Finish Pro is frequently chosen by owners of commercial properties like apartment buildings and hotels as well as by residential homeowners. Our services are so versatile, we can even refinish the countertops in your boat or RV!

Our many happy reviews are a testament to the fact that Finish Pro’s technicians are courteous, work fast, and clean up after themselves. We take pride in performing countertop refinishing and our other kitchen and bathroom refinishing services in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

We’ve been in the kitchen and bathroom refinishing business for over 25 years, and serve Los Angeles County and Southern California. Get a free estimate from Finish Pro today on countertop refinishing!