Kitchen Refinishing & Reglazing

Do you have a hopelessly outmoded kitchen, or maybe you’re just ready for a new look? There’s no need to completely renovate your kitchen — a process that can be costly and stressful. Finish Pro offers kitchen refinishing services in Los Angeles County and Southern California that can make your kitchen look like new at a fraction of the price of a full renovation.

For example, we can refinish your countertops — yes, even if they’re Formica! Formica is a surprisingly good surface to refinish, and the coating we apply adheres well to Formica and will last for years.

We also offer kitchen sink refinishing that will make your kitchen sink shine as if it were brand new. So if you have a sink that has a worn, scratched or discolored enamel or porcelain surface, reglazing can give it back its original brightness and shine. We can even refinish the kitchen counter and sink in your RV or boat!

Because our kitchen refinishing and reglazing services cost significantly less than a full renovation and can handle rough treatment, Finish Pro is a popular choice for owners of hotels, apartment complexes and other commercial properties.

Get a free estimate from us today on kitchen counter or sink refinishing, or any of our other kitchen and bathroom refinishing services!